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Name:Thirteen Dwarves And a Hobbit
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:The Hobbit (Jackson); The Hobbit (Tolkien); fanfic, fanart, fanvids, meta
This community is for posting and sharing and discussions fan works (art, fiction, vids, meta, squee) on The Hobbit, book and film.

The focus is on the Thirteen Dwarves.....and their Hobbit.

Fictional People art/fic/meta/vids and Real People fic/art/meta/vids are equally welcome. Ditto gen, het, slash.

Book Fans and Film Fans and Fans of Both (and all!), equally welcome.

Posts in any of the categories may involve characters from the other cultures of Middle-earth but only if the primary/central focus in on dwarves or a hobbit.

Please use cut tags for lengthy or graphics heavy posts.

I have set the community as limited to 18 and above, allowing for possible adult content.

This link leads to our Fan Sites Recs/Resources List. Feel free to drop suggestions for additions to it in the comments!

I would like to get feedback on the best way to set standards on marking, warnings, etc. from members.

Thirteen Dwarves

And a Hobbit
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